Both Macke's landscape and cityscape scenes remain popular today and have also inspired a number of other artists over recent generations. The artist's depictions of early 20th century society, such as visits to zoos, circuses and also many shopping trips make intriguing art to add to your walls at home. Despite a relatively short life, this was a prolific artist who has several hundreds of artworks to enjoy. His short career did stunt his development and experimentation, though, so there is relatively little variety in his style from start to finish.

Copyright no-longer applies to the work of this artist because of the number of years that have passed since his death in 1914. As such, most art retailers are able to provide a pretty comprehensive collection of his work for you to peruse. He remains most famous within his native Germany but continues to be discussed elsewhere, thanks to his connection to other artists such as Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky. The minimalist, abstract approach by these artists was in deep contrast to the more traditional styles of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

There are some small numbers of drawings also left from Macke's career that occasionally are requested as art prints. He used indian ink in some of them which shows up well in reproduction because of the boldness of line that this medium adds. Pencil drawings tend to be more feint and are harder to see in reproduction form but can offer greater detail when viewed up close, because of the thinner lines. A full list of the Macke drawings that we have managed to uncover are displayed in that section.

In summary, check out the full list of artwork from August Macke to find examples that you might like to order as reproduction prints. His style is modern, without being too abstract and therefore well suited to most tastes. The copyright-free nature of his career also means there are more retailers able to offer his work within their catalogue. Framed prints with small inlay mats are perhaps the best way to enjoy his high quality, expressionist paintings.